Introduction to Android

Are you an android user and want to make your own app? Join us in this one day bootcamp for an introduction to Android! Lunch is provided.

Why should I take Introduction to Android?

Android is the world's most widely used smartphone platform. It's an extremely innovative platform that enables advanced application functionality. It's open source (powered by a Linux kernel), and it leverages the C, C++, and Java programming languages. Android was first introduced in late 2007 and still continues to evolve rapidly through Google and its Open Handset Alliance partners.

What will I learn?

In this Intro to Android Development Course you will learn the basics of Android Application Development which will include instruction on Integrated Development Environment (IDE) use, the basics of using the git source control tool, Java, XML and, of course, the Android framework. During this 6 hour course we will build an application together, answering all of your questions along the way and leaving you with your own source code available in the cloud!

We will cover the basics of project setup, constructing the UI, handling user input and storing data on the device. When we're finished you could even publish your application to the Google Play Store if you wished to. (Google Developer Account Required which requires a 1-time, lifetime fee of $25, not included in this course.)

What can I accomplish?

After completing this course you will be able to use Android Studio, Google's own IDE for developing Android Applications, to develop your own apps! You will have access to the source code that YOU wrote during this class and you could release that app as-is or add more features to it!

What can I expect?

The class will be divided into six 30-45 minute discussions during which we will pair-program our application. The class is limited to 14 students.

Are there any prerequisites?

Although this class starts with a primer on Java and XML, it is helpful to have some programming knowledge and have experience with an object oriented programming language like Java, .NET or even JavaScript, as well as XML. If you have an Android device, please bring it! If not, Android provides a software emulator you can use.

Meet your instructors:

Bill Mote: Bill was a lifelong infrastructure nerd with a passion for making things better, faster and more reliable. The DevOps world just didn't give him enough heads down coding time so when Android hit the scene Bill decided to forgo his safety net and start developing for Android full time. In addition to a handful of his own utility apps, Bill has built apps for startups and Fortune 50s alike with contributions to more than a dozen apps currently available in the Play Store. Bill was the co-organizer of the Cincy Android Meetup as well as GDG Cincinnati. He is the newest Mentor for the GDG Southern Region and truly enjoys both the teachings and learnings he gets from presenting and participating in these groups.

Tyler Roach: Tyler is the lead Android developer for Stream, a livestreaming video platform that streams over 200 years of video per month. His team has written integrations on the Stream Android app that allow streaming from GoPro, iVUE glasses, DJI drones, as well as streaming from the devices camera or screen. Tyler got his start in Android during his spare time in college, and built a todo app called MultiList for his first project. Since then, nearly 1 million people have downloaded his apps on the Play Store.

Additional Notes

Lunch is provided from Ted's Butcherblock!