CODEcamp After School - Web Basics 101

This four-week program offers middle school students a fun and challenging experience to encourage an interest in computer science and web development through project-based learning. Students will develop a foundation for computer skills critical in today’s modern workforce.


CODEcamp After School is designed to teach students the fundamentals of web development. After completion, students will have the foundation needed to enable and encourage them to further explore coding and web development.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the tools needed to develop websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • How to create a dynamic, fully-functioning multi-page website
  • A solid understanding of fundamental web programming concepts

What is the format of the class instruction?

This course is project-based. Students learn the fundamentals of web programming by constructing the following projects:

  • Your first web page of your own custom super hero
  • Create a multi-page hyperlink maze to challenge your friends
  • Answer life questions with your own magic eight-ball app

When and where is the class held?

The course is currently offered at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant. Classes are taught Monday – Wednesday, 3:45pm – 5:30pm, for four consecutive weeks.

NOTE:  Middle Schoolers from other schools or home schooled children may attend this program provided they can be  present at the school by 3:30pm.

What is the cost?

$295 per four-week class.

For further information, please call 843.607.1264 or email us at



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