Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most frequently asked questions and answers are below and hopefully your questions are covered. If not, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and we'll respond to your inquiry promptly.

Will I need to bring my computer for the course instruction?

CODEcamp Basic classes, including Web Basics 101, 102 and GitHub, are held at the Flagship Conference A located at 475-A East Bay Street. These classes are BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop). Check your course page for info on downloading any software prior to class.

Most other courses are taught in the CODEcamp's Mac Lab at 78 Alexander Street in the FS2 facility and will not require you to bring your own laptop.

What can I expect?

Each session is a mixture of lecture and hands-on exercises to best teach you the fundamentals of the web. Hands-on practice is essential to understand and fully grasp the concepts presented. Students should expect to work on assigned exercises and practice at home to get the most out of this class.

In addition to class, as a CODEcamp student you get:

  • Access to the FS2 Computer Lab and the chance to practice your skills
  • References to open-source resources to provide additional assistance and information

Will there be homework assignments?

For most classes, homework assignments and additional exercises will be provided to ensure you are learning all that you need to stay on track from week to week. CODEcamp courses are designed to provide part-time, hands-on practice with an instructor. Students are encouraged to do work outside of the classroom to make the most of the instruction.

When can I speak with a mentor?

Our CODEcamp meetups are posted on the CODEcamp calendar about once per month. If you are interested in attending a session, feel free to drop by during these times. Mentors are available to discuss coursework, offer career advice and discuss CODEcamp tracks.

Potential students are welcome to attend as well! If you are interested in learning more about CODEcamp and the program, CODEcamp staff will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Will I have the opportunity to use the lab off hours?

Yes. The CODEcamp lab is available between 9am - 5pm for currently enrolled CODEcamp students, provided no classes are in session.

Where do I park?

The FS2 parking lot located at 78 Alexander is open to CODEcamp students after 5:30pm.

Are there any refunds?

Once you have been accepted for a class, there will be no refunds within 48 hours prior to the course start time.

Are there any discounts for CODEcamp classes?

Discounts are available to students currently attending a public higher-education institution and for those taking multiple courses. Please email for more information.

What will I receive at the end of the class?

Upon successful completion of the class, students receive certificates of completion. Students who have successfully completed the web basics series also have an opportunity for mock interviews and assistance in job placement. For a list of all networking events, visit the Charleston Digital Corridor calendar.

Will CODEcamp help me get a job?

While we can make no guarantees we do certainly try. Realistically, after completing all the CODEcamp core classes in web development basics you would be most ready for an apprenticeship or entry-level job at best. But what you learn in CODEcamp can certainly help put you a path to continual learning and growing into a full-blown career.

CODEcamp staff and instructors also works to connect you with the local industry in three ways. First, industry professionals teach all CODEcamp courses, providing an immediate connection to the local industry. Second, our mentors work to inform and guide you on the local job market, and finally, CODEcamp networking events connect you with the industry. Your talent, effort, enthusiasm and engagement however are the ultimate keys to finding your way into a coding career.